Georgia Mortgage Broker & Loan Originator Bonds
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We offer two levels of bonds for mortgage brokers and lenders. Applicants
with preferred credit scores will receive the best rates in the nation. To apply
If your credit score is below 675, then you should use our standard mortgage
broker bond program by visiting our website

In most cases we do not require collateral even on applicants with very low credit

Mortgage Broker Bonds
Preferred Rates starting at $188 per year*
FAX: 678-450-7333

To apply complete these applications and fax  or email to our office:
Mortgage Broker Bond Application

Personal Financial Statement

Other items required to be submitted with mortgage broker application:
  1. Resume or work summary of company principal,
  2. Business financial statement if the bond is for greater than $50,000.

*Surety bonds are underwritten on personal and financial credit. By applying for a bond, the company principal or individual gives permission for
credit to be reviewed by an underwriter. Bonds may be denied based on poor credit history, criminal past, or inadequate personal financial
statement. Rates may be higher if credit score is below minimum threshold. $188 for bonds of $25,000. $375 preferred rate for bonds of $50,000.